15 dangerous foods that people give their dogs without realizing it


In the United States, eight out of ten households have pets in their homes, which consist mainly of cats or dogs, and in some cases the two animals live together in the same house.

Most people like to share their food with their pets ‘dogs or cats’, in most cases they can be seen giving their leftovers to their pets.

Now, when you feed your dogs, it is vital to know what type of food can be harmful to their health. If homeowners take care of their eating habits, they can save them from deadly diseases and serious illnesses.

Here are 15 harmful foods you should avoid giving your dogs.

1 – Fatty Foods


Dogs bodies are different from humans,their bodies are strong enough to tolerate cholesterol, and that’s the reason that fats in their food won’t create heart problems for them. Still, like many other things, food balance is important for the health of dogs and if they consume an excessive amount of fat in their diet, this can cause them stomach problems, unnecessary weight gain, itchy skin and dull coat.

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