Foods that are good for your dog and foods that can be harmful to your dog


Dogs love human food and we don’t blame them, there are delicious treats ! However, these treats can be very dangerous for our furry friends and it is our responsibility to make sure they do not come close to them. This is why it is important to know which foods are bad for dogs and the safe and healthy alternatives available.

Here are 10 foods that dogs should avoid and what they can eat instead.

1. Nuts

Foods That Are Good for Your Dog and Foods That Can Be Harmful to Them


Macadamia nuts are highly toxic to dogs and can cause vomiting, ataxia or weakness, fever, muscle tremors and depression. Another type of nut to be wary of is macadamia nuts. Giving your dog nuts can cause stomach or intestinal problems or even obstruction. Other types of nuts may not be as toxic to our puppies, but because of their high oil and fat content, they can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and possibly pancreatitis.

Peanuts and cashews are not toxic to dogs, but because of their high fat content, they should be consumed in moderation and should not become an regular treat.

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