10 Habits Everyday That Can Damage Your Health



1. Wearing flip-flops

Flip flops

Flip flops can result in painful sprains. | Eternalcreative/iStock/Getty Pictures

How might this heat climate staple be hazardous to my well being? it’s possible you’ll be considering. For starters, they set you up for harm. “Flip-flops supply little assist, and this predisposes one to accidents, (equivalent to) sprains and fractures of the foot or different components of the physique,” Dr. Andrew Shapiro tells Thrillist. Plus, these open-toe sneakers depart your ft vulnerable to germs.

2. Holding in sneezes

Woman sneezing

By not letting your sneeze out, you’re harming your well being. | Karinsasaki/iStock/Getty Pictures

It’s possible you’ll suppose you’re being well mannered by not loudly sneezing. However that is really harming your well being, licensed health specialist Jim White tells Men’s Journal. “Our sneezes transfer at as much as 100 miles per hour, so holding it in, in excessive instances, could cause fractures in nasal cartilage, nostril bleeds and even indifferent retinas,” he warns.

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